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Get Serious – Go Beyond the Book!

Tap into the power of collaborative learning in our Leadership Learning Labs. We have re-invented the old-fashioned book club. 

Our Approach

Our programs are designed to accelerate growth as you:

Step 1: Read & Reflect

Prioritize professional development and learning through reading, followed by reflection time with questions to guide your thinking.

Step 2: Engage, Learn & Reflect

Guided by an executive coach, in conversation with your peers and/or team, explore different perspectives to deepen your understanding.  Hone your critical thinking skills.

Step 3:  Commit and Reflect

Choose a behaviour or strategy to enhance your leadership skills and commit to practicing  it between sessions.

Step 4: Grow and Reflect

Celebrate your growth; be prepared to share challenges and success with your peers to deepen the learning for everyone.

Step 5: Celebrate sustainable results!

Our Private Corporate Program is designed for an internal team of 6-to-10 leaders with the option to choose from books featured in our Authors Speak series, a book from our public program, or we will work with you to select  a book that addresses a specific challenge you are experiencing in your organization.

Big Benefit:  A secure setting where leaders and teams feel empowered to share their perspectives openly. Guided by a tenured and experienced executive coach, this program is customized to address the specific needs of both the team and individuals, assisting them in developing actionable strategies for improvement. Through this personalized approach, the entire team collaborates to evolve and grow together.

What Others Have Said:

“…this led to new insights even in the first three chapters I was able to implement.”

“…I appreciate hearing the perspective of others that challenge my thinking and deepen the learning.”

‘’It’s lonely as a leader. The biggest benefit for me was the sense of safety to have these conversations in an intentional growth space with other leaders.”

“I  so enjoyed these sessions and this book, Deliberate Calm.  It’s exciting how quickly I am able to implement the practices.  The conversation is rich and stimulating.”

Leadership Learning Lab Testimonial with Patrick Crevolin, General Manager, Scott Builders

Dates: Sept. 17, Oct 8, Oct 29, Nov 19

Book: The Fearless Organization:
Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth by Amy Edmondson

Dates: Sept 26, Oct 17, Nov. 7, Nov 28

Book: Radical Humility: How to be a Badass Leader AND a Good Human by Urs Koenig

Share your favourite book, author, or quote, or the nuggets you took away from that author. Engage with fellow leaders, readers, exchange ideas, and explore diverse perspectives.