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About Us

Passionate about Reading & Growing Leaders and Teams

Linda Maul, CEC, PCC

Mission: Igniting meaningful conversations for growth!

Guiding Principles: Conversation, Curiosity, Collaboration, and Community

We are a small but mighty Executive Coaching Boutique, founded by Linda Maul, an award-winning entrepreneur and businesswoman, leadership author, experienced executive coach, and facilitator. Linda is the founder of two successful businesses and has inspired hundreds of corporate and non-profit leaders in seven countries over 30+ years. 

Comfortable in both the boardroom, on the plant floor, a university classroom, or a construction site, Linda has served leaders in manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, governments at all levels, professional services, many non-profits, and several universities and colleges. Her favourite clients are middle managers hungry to grow and conquer the world.

She has facilitated programming for Wilson Learning, Achieve Global, and The Pacific Institute. For the past fifteen years, she has designed and delivered her own leadership programming, and trained others to do the same. She designed the initial RESPECT Program for the Construction Owners Association, contributed to the design of the Mentor-Coach Program for a University of Alberta department, and a Mentoring Program for United Way The Alberta Capital Region. 

And she’s not done yet! In January of 2024 Linda launched a new initiative, ‘Readers of the Pack’, a community for leaders who are readers, aligning her love of reading and passion for growing leaders.  

Linda’s growth journey accelerated after graduating as an Executive Coach in 2008 from Royal Roads’ Program. Coaching aligned with her love of conversation, her curiosity to always know more, and her passion for growing others. 

Linda’s strength has been her ability to ignite conversations that matter with compassion and grace.  Her unwavering belief is when we come with respect, curiosity, a compassionate heart, our lives and workplaces thrive. Layer that with the intention to listen to understand, consciously consider what we have heard, be aware of our assumptions, and respond with grace, and relationships flourish. Linda continues to focus her love of coaching leaders and teams, leveraging ‘Accountability by Design’ to drive tangible results and foster collaborative dialogue in innovative and engaging ways.

Linda’s entire entrepreneurial life has been a collaborative affair, with clients, subcontractors, employees, peers, competitors, and suppliers. The foundation of her success lies in her unwavering belief that ‘we are stronger together’. Readers of the Pack: For Leaders who are Readers is a unique combination of collaborative learning and conversations that matter.   

Community is important to Linda. She consistently lends her support to colleagues in the ICF Edmonton Chapter, hosting a book club, and spearheading the IGNITE initiative (16 coaches coaching 10 hours each for 16 non-profit leaders) etc.. Additionally, she remains committed to her charity of choice, the United Way Alberta Capital Region, as an executive coach, actively participating in the Mentoring Program, and contributing as a member of the new Seniors Cabinet. Her love of music is fueled by her volunteer work at the Yardbird Suite, the premier jazz club in Western Canada. 

Linda invites you to give yourself the gift of growth!  Join us live for complimentary interviews with our favourite authors, or listen on our YouTube Channel.  Check us out at one of our Public Offerings, or consider giving your team the gift of a Leadership Learning Lab. Use the book of your choice, or choose one from our list to accelerate growth for yourself and your team. And let us know what you are reading, etc. in our LinkedIn Group.

Stay tuned for more to come! We’re still a work in progress.

You can reach Linda at [email protected], or call her at 780.668.9481.